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BRIZZARD [Dec. 28th, 2010|09:38 pm]
Dr. Poncho
This blizzard has postponed my life by one day exactly.

First of all I hate hate hate slush, and i especially don't like it when cars zoom by and splash slush on me and my camera.

naht kool. So i didn't really want my camera getting f'd up and really everything is slush which is super ugly.

Secondly, my friends have decided to come the next day. Blizzard related? maybe, maybe not but that has been postponed too.

Thirdly, we were going to go out tonight for my birthday but the car is still snowed in and the roads blanketed with 30 inches of snow have yet to be plowed. And I don't want my mom to trudge throw that snow and back to get to the subway so it's another night at home.

I'll post some throwback pics though, and even better i can practice my photo retouching! :D

My friend doing a blackflip off his car.

Tye dye T shirt making

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