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I'm baaaaahhahhhk. [Dec. 13th, 2010|09:51 pm]
Dr. Poncho
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Oh hey.

Not that anyone is reading this right now.

So i guess i'm writing to myself.
but i really needed a place to put together my pic a day project i'm working on.

I thought about Flickr
, but that needed me to use a yahoo e-mail account.
And really with college coming up, i need the least amount of e-mail addresses possible.

Then i thought about simply posting them on Facebook
But I didn't want people to view these pictures as "what i've been up to", but more "what a good/bad picture that is" y'know?

FINALLY, i thought about using DeviantArt 
but I've been there, tried that. The site never really worked for me as a user, the way I had to upload photos, and write posts was kind of annoying. So I think i'll just keep to being a viewer there. (Really a great site BTdubz).

Then I got a message on the FB from an old friend of mine, reminiscing about old memories on this site. And that's how i'm here.

I can post pictures here day by day in chronological order automatically, nobody knows about it yet so I have time to build it and let it evolve, if i ever want criticism i can show somebody and have it still remain exclusive, and also I can write as easily as I can post my pictures.

Fuck dat hipster tumblr shit.

So yeah, lets end this introduction shit. Cheers to my first set of pics. 12/13/10

K-Town when it's not busy.  32nd st and 6th.

New Yorkers and traffic chicken.

And now you don't

Pretty lights.

"The best way to get around NY!"

Good or bad who cares.